Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Indian Street Style

Yes, I know you are wondering what do I mean by Indian Street Style! Street Style is a concept that is well-known outside but not evolved in India yet. Sadly, our country dresses only when there is an occasion like a wedding, party or during festivals. Very less importance is given to the idea of dressing on a daily basis. But with the evolution of high street brands many of us have now started giving a thought on the way we look before stepping out everyday. The problem lies in the fact that most Indians do not dress for themselves. They dress to impress others. Well... I can only try and contribute to change the attitude towards everyday dressing in India. 

Hence, I wore a saree as a dress in this post and dressed it up sporty with gold wedge sneakers and a backpack. Why not bring forward our culture by giving our own personal touches and who are we kidding! Don't we ignore our own culture when it comes to fashion? So just get a saree out, tie it around and flaunt it like you want to make a change! A change of perception towards fashion in Indians!

Saree worn as a dress: Mom's, Gold wedge sneakers: Aprajita Toor, Ring: Just Jewellery.

Photographer: Kosha Gandhi


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