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5 reasons to follow Fashion Bloggers on Instagram

Well... we all are Instagramming! We see a beautiful flower we Instagram, we laugh we Instagram, we love we Instagram! It's a Pictorial world. May be that's the easiest thing to do. With a camera always by your side and those amazing graphic installations known as filters and not to forget other amazing photo beautifying apps it seems we are just a notch away from getting popular. It certainly is addictive, fun and easy to use. I am a huge fan of Instagram too and I would be lying if I say I don't dress up for it on most days. I take that little extra effort of putting my hair together or dabbing some lipstick on to make myself appear 'like wow' on my Insta. As easy as it may sound believe me it takes a lot of effort. It could be more stressful than shooting a blog post.

"Clicking a picture and putting it up is so easy Vidhi." This is what I get from most friends. Very few people understand the underlying importance of a good photograph and barely anyone can read a picture. It's not easy to look put together and presentable every day, posing and giving your best angles, giving the happiest expression even if it's the worst day of your life, scouting a good location not to mention the right light that enhance your facial features. "Oh hell, click me in my rags!" Yes of course there's a mirror you can click yourself and there are edits and filters, oh yea its Instagram but hey its work. It's fun but its work. At times I crib but I love every bit of it.

Along with pictures doing the most talking I cannot not discuss the importance of snappy one liners and captions and articles to frame the artfully done pictures. Many ignore this bit. But it's as important as the picture as it completes your #post. And of course the hash tags that are going to gain you new likes, followers and comments. Very few people choose to explore Instagram as a platform to express through words but that's a mistake they are making. Always come up with a good caption and experiment which hash tags work well for you.

Now let's get to why you are here. I give you 5 super reasons to follow Fashion Bloggers on Instagram.

Practical styles that are statement making
You know it's almost impossible for most of us to wear that skirt or jumpsuit in the exact manner it is worn on the runway. Bloggers show you easy to wear everyday practical styles. You do follow blogs but Instagram shows you what bloggers wear every day. Even while they are running errands or attending a funeral. Their outfits give you a glimpse of the kind of lifestyle they lead and their day to day preferences. Also a lot of beauty posts which otherwise a fashion blogger may not share on their blogs regularly. Their daily sun block, eye lash curler, lipstick and eye make up. 

News and Gossip
I give you no extra points for guessing that they attend all fashion weeks. Right from fashion weeks to the new store launches they are everywhere and it’s on their Instagram before it appears anywhere else. Not only they give you all the news and gossip but also suggestions and advice as to what to buy what never to buy and where to splurge. Event pictures are one of a kind where may be you can even figure out who attended it and who didn't.

They know it first
They are social queens and kings and they know it all. They are already using a product that will hit the shelves 2 months later and they already know which designer is designing a glamorous outfit for a celebrity for the next century. They know what the brands are doing and which new product launches we might encounter soon. Or that miracle eye cream that will be born soon enough to banish all dark circles and puff eyes. 

Lifestyle Mania
It's not only fashion people! I have other interests too. Like reading, travelling, gardening, food or collecting ancient coins. One picture and you know which is the new best restaurant and cafe in town or where to spend this weekend. It's not only constraint to fashion or beauty but also their other interests. You might sometime encounter a beautiful tree or a house that you never knew exist. Beautiful, right? And since they know it first they are the best guides for everything happening. 

They are the owners of all pretty and unique things. Things you never know were ever available. They are wanderers. They dig in every nook and corner to find that bag with shells and fringe details on it. They take you to markets and stores and online shopping sites you never heard of. It might be a shock when you find out that those pretty pair of earrings or that cute wall hanging costs just a percent of your salary. And you just had never heard of that place! The best deals, right? 

The point is we do it all... together...

I am sure by now you already know the power of Instagram and moreover the power of Fashion Bloggers on Instagram. A serious addiction makes me call it '
The Click Show'. It's like you click and tell. :)

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Keep it going... Your 'Click Show'!



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