Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Hectic schedules hardly allow striking a balance between personal and professional life. And those of you who are already following me on Instagram know about my long-term relationship with my boyfriend – Rahul. Busy professional lives that also involves a lot of travel keeps us distant for days making us go MIA at times due to demanding work schedules. I know that most of you would simply advice us to share selfies. But we as a couple are quite dynamic, always on the lookout for newer ways to be ahead of the game in this fast-paced social media era and would love anything that would save our time in editing and sharing pictures.

Lately, we have been using the app Picpal. It’s freaking amazing as it the first real-time, selfie-collage chat app and the first to have social content creation (not just social sharing, liking and commenting). It allows us to take photos in real-time, invite our friends to do the same and then share and like the collages the app puts together itself.

Such a unique way to keep in touch! Rahul often takes long work trips which keeps us distant for days. But Picpal allows us to share real-time selfies especially when he’s travelling or right before entering a meeting when he'd be unable to be on his phone for hours. It bridges the distance while making social media sharing and chatting way easier unlike any other app. We call it the ultimate “love app” that allows everything with just a tap- clicking selfies, chatting, editing (creating the collage) and sharing on social media.



How’s it unique?
It allows group posting possible at the same time. So while you take your selfie and your friends take theirs, there’s no need to share every picture individually. Each picture gets stitched in one collage making sharing easier. And the most amazing part we find about this app is that it doesn’t crop pictures while creating collage neither is the photo quality diminished and we don't have to switch to any other app for chatting about the collage through comments. That helps us create and share quality content while making us come back again to the app every few hours and be in touch 24X7.

Here’s how you can use it:
-          Download Picpal on your phone ( Available on Appstore and Google Play)
-          Start using the app by inviting up to three friends
-          Invite your friend and take selfies at the same time to create a collage
-          Comment, share on social media
-          Receive tons of likes and comments

So let me know in the comments below what do you think of the app. Have you downloaded it yet?   


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