Tuesday, 19 August 2014

3 ways to make your work desk stylish and quirky

"It's only when you have a creatively done desk space your productivity is at its best." That's my belief! I am a very unorganised person but I guess that is what keeps me going. I like my stuff scattered all over. It helps me come up with fresh ideas all the time. I do not like my stuff very organised including my every day bag which is a quirky mess. The messier stuff I got in the happier I feel! Well... talking of desk space I like my personal taste and style to reflect on it. Quirky, edgy, colourful, unusual and stylish! I dislike being too organised. As long as I can find my stuff when I need it that's enough for me.

Speaking of style and quirk I have some very important tips to share with you girls. Lately, I have been working on ideas to make my work space as creative and inspiring as possible. And for those of you who love a lot of colour what you will see below here will make your day! I believe style should not only reflect in your clothes and make up but in every thing you do. What you use in your daily life, your room, kitchen, in every thing and every space. Whether you work from home or in a office these 3 tips will entirely change the way you do and look at your desk space.

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Printed document holder
Think beyond the usual black, brown and grey and leather. Go for colourful and quirky printed bag or document holder. Not only you can use it to keep all your documents safe but also you can carry it for meetings for a stylish fashionista impression! 

Quirky coffee mug
If you are a coffee lover like I am then you definitely need a mug that defines you. But if you are not you can still go for one and use it as a pen stand. Added style can never hurt. Infact my coffee mug is a great source of inspiration to me! I just sit back and relax with it in afternoons to get more creative ideas.

Attractive stationery
I am a big big fan of printed and quirky writing material. I inspires me to be more productive, pen down my thoughts and it looks awesome when good looking stationery is pulled out of your bag during meetings and at work. Trรจs chic!

So how do you do your work/desk space? Share your ideas and inspiration with me in the comments. 

Photographer: Kosha Gandhi


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